Jules has the menopause all worked out

Not just overcoming, but thriving during the menopause.

The menopause brings so many different issues and symptoms to so many of us. I know this not just from personal experience, but because it's such a hot topic in my salon. Rather selfishly I have encouraged this hot topic of conversation to go on, as I am starting to enter menopause and all the joys it brings! So, I have been asking all my clients of a certain age about their experiences. I want to find out if what I'm experiencing is the same for others. For a while I felt like I was turning into someone I didn’t recognise, to the point I had to visit my GP, I was glad to see that I wasn't alone.

What has been the biggest surprise to me is the loss of confidence a lot of my clients and friends have experienced, these are women who were happy and very confident prior to menopause.  I knew about the hot flushes, night sweats, hormone swings, but I hadn’t realised losing my confidence was another possibility.

So, the question remains. What can do to help ourselves and each other to get through this? First things first, we're all unique and not one approach is going to work for all of us. However, from my experience the message is loud and clear - exercise helps reduce symptoms. I have also started to spot some patterns; my clients that work out regularly are finding the menopause a lot less symptomatic and stressful than those that don’t.  Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Other winners are reflexology and acupuncture.  These have had major benefits relating to reducing hot flushes and night sweats for many of my clients.

And my personal favourite remedy after exercise is magnets, I will not be without my magnetic bracelet. I've not had a mood swing since putting it on. It’s like magic.  But then I also workout daily and have reflexology at least once a month too. I struggle to articulate the difference I've felt since increasing the frequency that I workout and since I've made the conscious decision to listen to my body and look after it. This combination of short workouts, reflexology and my trust magnets is working like a dream for me - seriously ladies, not one symptom.

This doesn't have to a time in our lives that are filled with mood swings, hot flushes and an array of other symptoms. Instead, let’s “workout” of the menopause and get stronger, fitter and more confident together.

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