Pilates & Me

After finding out that three of her vertebrae where disintegrating Jules turned to Pilates to get her flexibility back.

Pilates has completely shifted my approach to fitness, health and looking after myself.

With a family history of chronic back conditions, I started to feel the signs in my early 30’s. An MRI scan showed 3 vertebrae with a lot of disintegration; physio followed and I changed the gym for the Pilates Studio - I have never looked back.

I’ve been training with Pilates for 20 years and I have not had a problem since. The only exception was when I took three weeks off over Christmas and New Year several years ago, my pain came back and back was far from happy.

With that tough lesson learnt, I have never stopped practising Pilates since; and my back is stronger and more flexible than ever.

I am completely convinced that Pilates has saved me from back surgery.  Now that I’m in my 50’s, I am stronger than ever and can do moves that my consultant thought I would never do again. To me, this is the power of Pilates and I love it.

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