Stronger Than I've Ever Been

How Pilates-inspired workouts have made me stronger in my 50's than I was in my 20's

I discovered Pilates in my mid 30’s, however, back then I always found it remarkably hard to get into a class as they were always so full. So, instead of taking somebody else's class I instead made the best decision of my life - I decided to train and qualify as an instructor. That way there would always be a space for me in a class - my class!

The benefits of this incredible workout technique are almost endless; improve your posture, your strength and tone of your muscles, balance and coordination, sculpt your body, all with low-impact moves.  The most obvious and impactful one for me is how it strengthens the lower back, it has helped so many people overcome back issues.

In my 20’s I went to the gym, did Step classes and a bit of running - I thought I was strong then. Now in my 50’s my fitness and strength is at it’s all-time best.  My stamina, strength, control and balance have all improved. I've got the best muscle tone of my life, long lean muscles, no muscle bulk. On top of that, I'm at my most flexible and supple too. I've got Pilates-inspired workouts to thank for all of that.

This all sounds a bit too good to be true, but it is true and it is so very good.  

As an instructor, the winning factor to me is that all the moves can be adapted to suit anyone.  The same exercise can be performed in so many ways so the super fit can be challenged and the complete beginner can join the same class and get the same benefits and work at their own level.  No two classes are the same as the variety of moves and sequences give a literally limitless amount of moves. I like to use rollers, balls, barre, resistant bands to add even more variations and challenges and also chairs for those with serious mobility issues, this is the one technique that is really is for everybody.

Pilates has had the most positive effect on my life, it has made me stronger than I have ever been and that strength just keeps on growing with every session.  It has made time stop for my body, actually, I feel that it has made time reverse! No aches, pains, joint stiffness… Just a happy healthy strong and flexible body.

Bring FabFit classes into your daily life and I challenge anyone to not feel the benefit!

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