Why we built FabFit

Our mission and how we came to be

The idea for FabFit first popped up back in mid-2016 when some of the regulars missed one of Jules’ Pilates classes either due to work, kids or sickness. A lightbulb went off and she immediately spoke to her son Jamie about filming one of her classes and putting it up on her website - unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. We’d need microphones, lights, multiple cameras, music, a place to securely store the videos - the list goes on and on.

After months and months of putting it off, Jamie agreed. We could see a definite need and desire for the regular attendees to have a place where they could keep working out online. Somewhere that was familiar, the same fun style of classes with all the health benefits.

Jamie setting up the camera ready to film one of our first classes in 2016
Jamie setting up the camera ready to film one of our first classes in 2016

As we thought about the FabFit further we realised that we could help more than the 95 regulars that turn up to class every single week. Maybe we could help people living similar lives, in similar positions all across the UK. Maybe we could create a space that was driven by inclusivity, a celebration of health and fitness, a place that was stigma-free, a place where real people with real bodies came together to get healthier and fitter.

We’re not your standard fitness company, you won’t see any oiled up abs or someone shouting at you whilst they jump 20 feet in the air wearing beachwear. No, instead you’ll find classes where every single attendee is a normal person - they may be a mum, a grandma, a lawyer or a shopkeeper; but they will not be a full-time fitness model.

For us, it’s about setting the new standard. A standard that says being fit and healthy is tied to feeling happy and confident.

We’re accessibility and inclusivity first that’s why from day one we’ve had a selection of seated classes for those who maybe struggle with prolonged movements. And you guessed it, both of the participants in that class aren’t fitness models, they are real people who have attended Jule’s classes and both suffer from multiple sclerosis.

That’s why we built FabFit, that’s the mission behind it.

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