Why we love Pilates-inspired workouts

Jules goes into the benefits of Pilates-inspired workouts, whether that's your physical health, flexibility, mobility, strength - all of the benefits.

The joy of Pilates-inspired workouts is that there is no age limit and no required fitness level to get started. Our workouts are accessible to folk of all abilities - whether you're an avid runner, you swim at the weekends or you're just getting started on your fitness journey. I particularly love that you don’t need any specialist equipment to get started, just enough space to lie down in.

The aim of each class is to keep on improving, bit by bit, stretch by stretch, we want to leave you feeling lengthened and strengthened.

Pilates isn't just about stretching or touching your toes, it's mixed in with a large variety of strength work. As a result of taking our classes your more likely to build up your physical strength - particularly around your core. Building up a strong core is so pivotal to all of us, a strong core will improve your all-around fitness and health.

The mix of strength work and flexibility equals mobility; that is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, especially as we age.  Good mobility means we move in a more youthful manner and look and feel younger than our actual years too. As the ageing process is more affected by a sedentary lifestyle than the actual passing of time, this means we can literally reverse the ageing process of our bodies.

10 to 20 minutes of our FabFit online Pilates-inspired classes each day will significantly improve your body, your posture, strength, mobility, flexibility, your mental clarity, and for those who are looking for it - your weight loss efforts too.

The powerful mixture of strength and stretching in our Pilates-inspired classes means that we can keep them short and sweet, they only last 10-30 minutes. This means know matter how busy and hectic our lives can feel we can always take a breath, put on a video and sneak in a quick 10 minute class.

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