Ann, Esther, Jules, Alison, Irina standing together against our backdrop after filming a class
Ann, Esther, Jules, Alison and Irina after filming our latest classes

Our beginnings

In early 2016, mum and son duo, Jules (52) and Jamie, had a simple idea - to take Jules' Pilates classes and put them online. We quickly realised that there was not just a desire for FabFit but a real need for it. We're bombarded with Instagram models and unrealistic expectations, we wanted to build a platform that went against all of that.

From the very start the participants in our classes have been attendees of Jules' in-person class - not fitness models. Over the past few years we've been working tirelessly to film classes, design and build this platform and create the foundations for FabFit.

Later partnering with Caroline, a user experience and product designer, the trio had the mission, expertise and enthusiasm to develop the concept further and launch a beta version of the Studio product at the end of 2018.

We're still very small. FabFit is bootstrapped and has grown through personal investment, dedication and commitment. We each love what we do, and hope to create a platform and service that can make a difference in other peoples lives.

Some behind the scenes sneak peeks

A quick snap of Jules and Jamie filming some of our first ever classes back in 2016 in a rented room in a gym in East Lothian, Scotland.

Our future

We're keeping our heads down and working hard; creating new classes and programmes, adding new features to FabFit Studio and working on new applications for our members. We want FabFit to be open and transparent, and as part of that we decided to make our company roadmap public. This way you can see how we plan to meet our mission and who knows, you might want to join in.

FabFit fits so well around my work/life balance. Even got my kids involved! The weekly programmes make exercise almost effortlessYvette Harvey, 51

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